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"I felt violated. I felt angry. I felt frustrated."

Sue's story involves a stolen checkbook and canceling all of her accounts.

"How can I Prevent Identity Theft?"

Hear From Experts: Learn what you can do today to help protect your identity

"What is Identity Theft?"

Hear From Experts: Learn the basics of identity theft and how it can impact your life

"What is Child Identity Theft?"

Hear From Experts: Learn how children's identities are being stolen, and how you may not see it coming

The Rapidly Spreading Threat of Tax Return Fraud

With the ease of online filing, direct-deposit refunds, and virtual tax forms that auto-fill with the details of last year's returns, it's easier than ever to put off finishing your...

Familiar Fraud: When Someone You Know Steals Your Identity

Preventing identity theft means keeping sensitive information out of the wrong hands. Unfortunately, that can be hard to do when the wrong hands are those of someone you know and trust.

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