ATMs Still a Huge Target for Fraudsters

For the millions of consumers who use ATMs to make cash withdrawals, swiping their debit cards might also mean having their account numbers swiped by criminals preying on card data.

FTC Launches New Website for Victims of Identity Theft and Data Breaches

It's hard to believe that shopping for toilet paper and a pair of earrings or grabbing an iced coffee on your way into the office can result in your identity being stolen. Unfortunately,...

Javelin Report Finds Significant Differences in Identity Fraud Cases

Although the number of identity fraud victims fell by 3 percent in 2014, consumers still face significant risk, according to a new report from Javelin Strategy & Research.

When Identity Theft Ruins Your Vacation

Traveling—for business or pleasure, at home or abroad—can put you at risk for identity theft.

Four Steps to Handle Debt Collectors When the Debt Is Not Yours

Debt collectors may call to collect debt that may not actually be yours. Here are ways to handle yourself in these situations when you have been a victim of identity theft.

Five Ways to Help Protect Against Familiar Fraud

Familiar Fraud: The warning signs and how you can prevent it from happening to you.

Protecting the Identity of Your Child at School

Learn what you can do to help reduce the chances of your child's identity being stolen from data stored at school.

The Aftermath of Identity Theft

The short- and long-term effects, both emotional and financial, that identity theft can have on its victims

Four Ways to Improve the Security of a New Computer

Getting a faster, more powerful computer with all the latest bells and whistles can be exciting, but it's important to remember that your new computer can still be vulnerable to viruses and...

Three Reasons You Should Invest in a Shredder Today

There are a number of ways to help protect your personal information in the digital realm. But even with today's technological advances, when it comes to keeping your information safe in its...
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Medical Identity Theft

Protect yourself from medical identity theft. Learn how to detect and prevent your personal identity from being used for unauthorized medical services.

Was the "Starbucks Hack" Really a Hack?

Coffee devotees lining up in their neighborhood Starbucks in the spring got an added shot to their morning venti nonfat chai lattes: Their bank accounts were hacked.

"How can I Prevent Identity Theft?"

Hear From Experts: Learn what you can do today to help protect your identity

Common Questions

What is identity theft? How do criminals use your personal information against you? Find out here.

4 Warning Signs of Identity Theft

Detect identity fraud and help protect yourself from identity theft by learning four easy identity theft warning signs. Stay alert and monitor your credit report for potential identity theft signals.