What to Do if Your Debit Card Is Compromised in a Data Breach

With many large-scale data breaches recently plaguing retail stores, knowing what to do if your information has been compromised has quickly become a commonplace concern.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication, and When Should You Use It?

One way to help secure your accounts is to enable two-factor authentication (2FA), a security protocol that provides extra protection in addition to your username and password.

Four Ways to Help Protect Your Virtual Assets

If you use a free online service, such as an email account or social network, then you have virtual assets that are stored online. But do you know what will happen to that data in the...

Six Ways to Protect Yourself from Senior Identity Theft

Americans aged 50 and older are more vulnerable than others to identity theft, according to TrustediD's June 2014 report. These six tips could help you in your fight against identity theft.

How to Help Protect Your Identity When Seeking Medical Care

Medical identity theft occurs when someone appropriates your information to seek medical services, to file claims with your insurance provider, or to get prescription drugs. Victims often spend...

Six Tips to Help Avoid Identity Theft in the Workplace

Identity theft can happen anywhere, but the risk at work is often ignored. You may feel secure with coworkers and employers, but the possibility of having your identity stolen is not all that remote.

Using a Secured Credit Card to Build Credit After Identity Theft

If you find yourself unable to qualify for a traditional credit card due to identity theft, a secured credit card may help you to rebuild your credit and regain your financial security.

Look Out for ID Theft Scams That Target Retirees

Older Americans tend to have healthy assets, good credit, an inclination to travel, and a generally more trusting nature than their younger counterparts—all characteristics that contribute...

Tips for Getting Your Money Back After a Tech Support Scam

If dealing with a computer virus wasn't frustrating enough, a new breed of scammers are actually faking viruses in order to sell you useless software. It's called the tech support scam,...

Do I Really Need Identity Theft Insurance?

Many insurance companies now are offering identity theft insurance to help you through the process. While it can be a good addition to your identity theft protection plan, identity theft insurance...
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Medical Identity Theft

Protect yourself from medical identity theft. Learn how to detect and prevent your personal identity from being used for unauthorized medical services.

California Demands Smartphone Kill Switch to Protect Personal Information

In an attempt to prevent thieves from accessing sensitive personal information after stealing a smartphone, the California State Senate has passed a bill that will require all smartphones sold in...

"How can I Prevent Identity Theft?"

Hear From Experts: Learn what you can do today to help protect your identity

Common Questions

What is identity theft? How do criminals use your personal information against you? Find out here.

4 Warning Signs of Identity Theft

Detect identity fraud and help protect yourself from identity theft by learning four easy identity theft warning signs. Stay alert and monitor your credit report for potential identity theft signals.