Four Steps to Handle Debt Collectors When the Debt Is Not Yours

Debt collectors may call to collect debt that may not actually be yours. Here are ways to handle yourself in these situations when you have been a victim of identity theft.

Four Ways to Improve the Security of a New Computer

Getting a faster, more powerful computer with all the latest bells and whistles can be exciting, but it's important to remember that your new computer can still be vulnerable to viruses and...

Three Reasons You Should Invest in a Shredder Today

There are a number of ways to help protect your personal information in the digital realm. But even with today's technological advances, when it comes to keeping your information safe in its...

Ten Ways to Spring Clean Your Identity

Spring isn't just a time to declutter your home and office; it can also be the perfect time to organize your sensitive documents.

Limit Your Digital Health Profile to Help Protect Against Identity Theft

Nowadays, not even your health information is safe from hackers who may use your medical profile to steal your identity. Take these steps to protect yourself.

A Guide to Freezing Your Credit

If you've taken steps to recover from identity theft but are worried you could still be vulnerable, you may want to consider placing a freeze on your credit.

How You Can Recover from Tax Identity Theft

You could become a victim of tax identity theft and not even know it until you file your taxes or apply for a mortgage. Unraveling the mess can take time, as Joe Duda discovered after his tax...

Four Ways Hackers Can Install Malware on Your Mobile Device

When hackers infect mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, with malware, their goal is often to gain control over these devices. The hackers then can steal financial information or...

Protecting Your Identity When Traveling Abroad

While travelers commonly focus on saving money for their big getaway and planning their activities down to the hour, they don't often consider preparing for the high risk of identity theft.

Nine Tips for Protecting Against Identity Theft on Spring Break

It's spring break season again. Before you head out for vacation, craft an identity protection plan that can help keep your sensitive personal information safe while you're traveling.
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Medical Identity Theft

Protect yourself from medical identity theft. Learn how to detect and prevent your personal identity from being used for unauthorized medical services.

How Was Your Credit Card Information Stolen?

Consumers who are afraid of having their credit card data taken by hackers can now learn the tricks of the trade commonly used by identity thieves.

"How can I Prevent Identity Theft?"

Hear From Experts: Learn what you can do today to help protect your identity

Common Questions

What is identity theft? How do criminals use your personal information against you? Find out here.

4 Warning Signs of Identity Theft

Detect identity fraud and help protect yourself from identity theft by learning four easy identity theft warning signs. Stay alert and monitor your credit report for potential identity theft signals.