How Do I Keep My Child Safe Online?

If your child is using free applications on the Internet, such as those used to play games or connect with friends, his or her sensitive personal information could be at risk. That's because...

Seven Identity Theft Resolutions for the New Year

Identity theft protection may have taken a back seat during your busy holiday season, but with the new year comes the opportunity to reassess your identity protection plan.

What You Wear Could Help Protect your Personal Information

There are a lot of ways to help protect your sensitive personal information—shredding your bank statements and refusing to share your Social Security number, for example—but what if...

Five Ways to Protect Your Identity as a Recent College Graduate

As you leave college, begin your career, and work to establish your finances, it's important to keep your sensitive personal information from falling into the hands of identity thieves.

Protect Your Parents from Identity Theft: Five Talking Points

The truth is, lots of people fall for these scams, and older generations like your parents probably don't know a lot about identity theft or the fraud and scams that lead to it.

Four Ways to Determine Whether You Are Dealing with a Legitimate Company

Scammers have to be creative in order to obtain your sensitive personal information or money, and they've been known to pose as employees of well-known companies or government agencies to...

Five Tips to Protect Your Identity When Serving in the Military

If you are an active service member, a veteran, or someone with a family member who is currently serving or has served in the past, consider the following five tips that can help prevent identity...

What to Do if Your Debit Card Is Compromised in a Data Breach

With many large-scale data breaches recently plaguing retail stores, knowing what to do if your information has been compromised has quickly become a commonplace concern.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication, and When Should You Use It?

One way to help secure your accounts is to enable two-factor authentication (2FA), a security protocol that provides extra protection in addition to your username and password.

Four Ways to Help Protect Your Virtual Assets

If you use a free online service, such as an email account or social network, then you have virtual assets that are stored online. But do you know what will happen to that data in the...
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Medical Identity Theft

Protect yourself from medical identity theft. Learn how to detect and prevent your personal identity from being used for unauthorized medical services.

Seven Online Shopping Habits That Could Put You at Risk of Identity Theft - Identity Theft 101

Prevent online identity theft by learning the seven online shopping habits identity thieves look for that put you at risk. Don’t become an identity theft victim, get identity protection today.

"How can I Prevent Identity Theft?"

Hear From Experts: Learn what you can do today to help protect your identity

Common Questions

What is identity theft? How do criminals use your personal information against you? Find out here.

4 Warning Signs of Identity Theft

Detect identity fraud and help protect yourself from identity theft by learning four easy identity theft warning signs. Stay alert and monitor your credit report for potential identity theft signals.